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Various types of garage doors

There’s a broad range of garage door models different in shape, size, material and integrated mechanisms. You may choose steel, aluminum, wooden or fiberglass door. There are, also, features like insulation, remote control, various torsion spring systems that differ door models.

Prices vary a big time

On the average, garage door costs between 800 and 1500 dollars, but depending on the model, prices vary a big time. Wooden doors tend to be the cheapest, somewhat around 400 dollars, while automatic high-end heavy steel doors go even up to 9000 dollars.

Quality classes of garage doors

Similar to models and prices, garage doors vary in quality significantly. In general, steel doors provide better protection and durability compared to fiberglass and aluminum doors. Wooden doors are susceptible to weather conditions and deterioration. Various integrated protection systems also make a quality difference.

What our customers say


“Our massive garage door made mostly of heavy steel broke down a few days ago; it just wouldn’t open. I am far away from being an expert, so I gave a call to this company. Their team members showed up within few hours, detected broken cables as a root problem and provided high-quality new ones. They replaced the broken parts and tested the door in front of me. The issue was perfectly fixed, and the guys were rather pleasant to work with.” Jean Martinez

“The garage door in my company wsuffered a damage during the recent flood we experienced, and since we have quite valuable stuff stored in the garage, I had to have it fixed promptly. Many garage door services services only residential garage doors, but this company provided service with no problems or special charges. They helped me pick a brand-new garage door and conducted full replacement within the same day. I am rather satisfied with their responsive, professional and affordable service.” Billy Sechrist

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Since your garage door should last for decades and provide smooth movements and adequate protection of your garage, it should be treated with care and maintained regularly. Frequent inspection and listening the sounds opening door creates are usually the best indicators of a potential issue. Look for asymmetrical sides, weird noise, irregular movement and similar symptoms of a breakdown. Replace rollers and weather stripping occasionally, lubricate the moving parts, check the cables and hire professionals to fix them if needed. Keep the tracks on both sides of the door clear and prevent your children from playing with door opener if you own one.

Why is garage door such importance?

A garage door is the largest dynamic item among your household items. They are a big investment that should last for decades and pay off over the years. The primary role of the garage door is to protect the inside of your garage from weather conditions, animals, thieves and any other form of threat. Aside from a car, people tend to keep many valuable things inside the garage, so the strong protection is a desired feature of the garage door. You use this door several times a day, so they should function smoothly and provide long-lasting durability. Finally, the garage door is integrated part of your home’s exterior, and their attractive pattern adds up to the overall style of your house.