Top 4 reasons why you shouldn’t put off garage door repairs

Top 4 reasons why you shouldn’t put off garage door repairs

When it comes to home improvement, nobody wants to spend their money on repairs, and it doesn’t matter what type of repairs we are talking about. We all know they are irritating, tedious and time-consuming. But, when something goes wrong, you should act immediately because later you will end up in much bigger troubles. If we are talking about garage doors, many people tend to neglect fanny sounds, or if it’s a little crooked, or even if they have to open it by themselves. So, here what you should pay attention to before you have to pay loads of money for the repairs.

Security is important

securityBased on police record, a third of home invasions happen through garage doors, when they are unlocked of poorly secured. If your garage door isn’t closing well, or you if you have troubles locking it, then you need to act immediately. Are you willing to risk the safety of your family because of a couple of hundreds of dollars? Keep in mind that police records state that nearly 25% of people are inside the house while the break in is happening and they end up seriously hurt or worse.

Think about personal safety

Often, if one of the two garage door springs are broken, the door can easily be opened or closed. Most people tend to neglect this fact and consider this as an irrelevant matter. But, you couldn’t be more wrong. One spring was never intended to carry out all the burden on its own. It’s just the matter of time when it fails as well, and you don’t want to be near when that happens. 400 lb can cause you are severe damage and even kills you if you are not careful enough. So, don’t risk your personal safety and the safety of your family.

Your cat will be protected

There is always a chance when that other garage door extension spring fails you will be in your car. Or even the worst-case scenario, your kids might be with you. You don’t want to know what damage 400 lb door can make. In this case, you won’t be only facing with the repair of the door, but also with the repair of the car. The garage door is heavy, so you shouldn’t neglect this fact.

Protect your home values

When you are buying and equipping a home, that’s probably the biggest investment you will ever make, and you should treat it as so. Nowadays, the reals estate market has gone up, and the prices of house are extremely high. So, if something is wrong with its largest moving part, you should fix it right away. If you don’t have any other reason, at least you should secure your investment. For example, if you decide to sell your home, broken or ugly garage door will significantly reduce the price. Motors for roller doors, on the other hand, can drastically improve the price.





DIY Guide –Sectional Garage Door Installation

DIY Guide –Sectional Garage Door Installation

When purchasing a new garage door, most companies selling them will offer you delivery and installation service as well. If you are installing a garage door for the first time or if you are not a natural with tools and machining, you should probably let the professionals do it on behalf of you. But if you do have solid skills or experience, prefer to complete the task on your own and save some money along the way, this detailed guide might come handy along with manual instructions. The most common model of the garage door, a steel sectional door, comes in the form of several sections that should be installed one after another, from the floor up. Careful with torsion spring systems, especially with older models, if you have to remove your previous garage door before installing the new one.

Set the first panel and hinges

Hinges should be attached to the top edge of the door, so if they aren’t already attached, do it, altogether with attaching weatherstripping to the first panel. Once you have prepared these aspects, drive nails and fix the first garage door panel into its place. You always start from the bottom of the door.

Tracks, rollers, and brackets

Manufacturer’s manual will give you instructions for assembling vertical and horizontal tracks, and you will use them for slipping onto rollers on each side of the section panel. Before that, install rollers and brackets wherever required on the first section. After guiding rollers into tracks, pick the second section panel and install rollers and brackets onto it the same way as you did with the first section. It is the phase when you could use a helping hand with setting the second section panel into place and adjusting its rollers into vertical tracks. Depending on the total size of your garage door, you will have to repeat this procedure with all the section panel, but that usually means three to four times.

Merge the section panelsMerge the section panels

Use the average power drill with a screwdriver tip to join the hinges of the sections. The vertical tracks should be fastened to the wall. Use lag screws to place brackets to the tracks and framing.

Close the construction with curved and horizontal tracks

Install these tracks according to the instructions in the manual and joint them together. Drive more nails to attach track hanger to the solid framing and place the horizontal track onto it. Once you’ve finished, remove all the unnecessary supporting nails and framings.



7 Best Garage Doors Trademarks Available

7 Best Garage Doors Trademarks Available

Purchasing a garage door is a big investment not only into an item that will distinguish your home from other with its pattern and design but primarily into the product that should provide safety of your car and the stuff stored inside the garage, as well as the long-lasting functionality. There are many garage door manufacturers at the market offering a wide range of garage door models. The best ones are recognizable for their attractive design, durability, high functionality, and competitive prices. Keeping in mind the overall style of your house and garage, the material you prefer and the budget you have, explore this list of the best garage doors trademarks available at the market and you’ll certainly find the one that suits your wishes and needs.

Delden Lincoln

Clopay CoachmanA great variety of garage door models this company offers provides adequate garage door for pretty much any customer and any house and garage. Delden Lincoln has over 150 garage doors, mostly made of steel with various design patterns and protection systems. Amazing tech and design solutions keep this manufacturer among the most popular ones for years.

Clopay Coachman

If you are looking for classy and classic garage door models, Clopay Coachman is the company to refer to. They construct steel doors strengthened with wooden details. Old school design combined with powerful modern technology results in a wide collection of practical and beautiful door models.

Amarr Heritage

Safe and practical and two main traits of these garage doors trademarks. Amarr Heritage is famous for its highly functional and convenient door models, made of heavy steel and empowered with various safety systems, especially important for families with children.

Overhead doors

Overhead doorsThis company is a synonym for modern, elegant and classy garage door models. Their models are mainly made of aluminum, commonly combined with glass or steel. Aluminum basis makes them light and easy to maneuver keeping the design attractive.

Masonite International

Recognizable garage door models made of pressed wood pulp, laminate surface and masonite panels are a trademark of this company. These highly functional and great looking doors are a perfect choice for modern types of homes.

Lynx garage doors

CHI Accent PlanksThis manufacturer has a long tradition and a great reputation in the garage doors industry. Garage doors are their main product, but this company provides various spare items for garage door systems. A wide range of home styles fit with their solutions which means they have different designs.

CHI Accent Planks

Another great garage door trademark is providing a wide collection of steel-frame doors empowered with polystyrene insulation.



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