When purchasing a new garage door, most companies selling them will offer you delivery and installation service as well. If you are installing a garage door for the first time or if you are not a natural with tools and machining, you should probably let the professionals do it on behalf of you. But if you do have solid skills or experience, prefer to complete the task on your own and save some money along the way, this detailed guide might come handy along with manual instructions. The most common model of the garage door, a steel sectional door, comes in the form of several sections that should be installed one after another, from the floor up. Careful with torsion spring systems, especially with older models, if you have to remove your previous garage door before installing the new one.

Set the first panel and hinges

Hinges should be attached to the top edge of the door, so if they aren’t already attached, do it, altogether with attaching weatherstripping to the first panel. Once you have prepared these aspects, drive nails and fix the first garage door panel into its place. You always start from the bottom of the door.

Tracks, rollers, and brackets

Manufacturer’s manual will give you instructions for assembling vertical and horizontal tracks, and you will use them for slipping onto rollers on each side of the section panel. Before that, install rollers and brackets wherever required on the first section. After guiding rollers into tracks, pick the second section panel and install rollers and brackets onto it the same way as you did with the first section. It is the phase when you could use a helping hand with setting the second section panel into place and adjusting its rollers into vertical tracks. Depending on the total size of your garage door, you will have to repeat this procedure with all the section panel, but that usually means three to four times.

Merge the section panelsMerge the section panels

Use the average power drill with a screwdriver tip to join the hinges of the sections. The vertical tracks should be fastened to the wall. Use lag screws to place brackets to the tracks and framing.

Close the construction with curved and horizontal tracks

Install these tracks according to the instructions in the manual and joint them together. Drive more nails to attach track hanger to the solid framing and place the horizontal track onto it. Once you’ve finished, remove all the unnecessary supporting nails and framings.